Sjoerd-Harry Steinfort

“Working together with fellow craftspeople gives me a lot of energy. Together we work on the best results for our customers. That is what we do it for.”


Ria Linde

“There always is an atmosphere full of energy here because of the craftspeople who do their job with passion. We all have the same mission and that makes it a nice place to work.”


Durk Dijkstra

Allround engineer

“From a young age already, I was immersed in engineering, that is why I am in the right place here. What I find so characteristic about Tecfort is that we basically take every engineering job, nothing is too much!”


Johannes Houtsma

Allround engineer

“When the customer asks: “can you do that?”, we never really say no. The diversity of the tasks I have is the most fun part of my job, and my colleagues of course. I also get to work on different locations, and that makes it really challenging.”


Sake van der Ploeg

Workplace engineer

“I work on everything that has not been nailed down, it truly is a big hobby of mine and that is of good use at Tecfort. My duties are very broad, but my motto is: impossible does not exist, you always need to try yourself whether you can pull it off.”


Anne Wanrooij

Control technician

“We are well adapted to each other as a team, and that is also necessary when every day is different. Sometimes you make long days, but when a project is delivered from start to finish I can be really proud of that.”


Ruben de Vries

General Assistant / Technical draughtsman

“Actually I am a jack of all trades at Tecfort, but my most important task is supporting the engineers. I ensure that all technical drawings are ready on time and that the safety within the company remains guaranteed.”


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