Thinking along and finding solutions


Owner Sjoerd-Harry Steinfort comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has years of experience in the glass industry.

“I started on the production side in a company and occasionally it happened that a machine stopped working. That is of course already annoying by itself, but when you cannot solve the issue yourself a lot of time is lost. That is why I can think along with the customer easily.”

“All employees at Tecfort work solution-oriented and that is characteristic for our company philosophy.”

Every day is different


Ria Linde is office-manager, but she also has affinity with engineering.

“My primary task is to take care of administration, but I also think along about all processes within the company. What I find so amazing about the company is that I come through the door in the morning and see craftspeople working with a passion. It is an engaging profession and every day is different.”

“I also see the enthusiasm from the colleagues working externally whenever they have fixed another machine, that gives them energy.”

Our colleagues